Hi there!

In this web you will find a description of my scientific background along with the research areas that I am involved (or I want to be involved)

What is my background?

I have studied Bachelor in Physics in the Complutense University in Madrid and after a few years working in the private sector I decided to pursue a scientific career.
Therefore, I moved to the Canary Island to increase my formation. There I studied M.Sc. in Astrophysics (2016-2018) in La Laguna University/IAC.
After the M.Sc., I began the Ph.D. in the Space Weather Group in the University of Alcalá which I finished in July 2022.
During 2023 I worked as a postdoctoral research in the Heliospheric Physics Research Group at the University of Graz. Currently I am working as Assistant Professor in Applied Physics in the Space Weather Research Group at the University of Alcalá, Spain

What is my research about? (so far)

All my research (so far) has been related with the Sun-Earth chain.
My M.Sc. thesis was focused on the analysis of simulations of the photosphere and the lower chromosphere.
For my Ph.D. thesis, I've moved from the Sun to the interplanetary medium. I studied the distribution function of different solar wind parameters (e.g. proton speed, proton density, magnetic field) by characterizing it with a bi-Gaussian approach.
The composition of the solar wind through the iron charge state had also been studied, since it would reflect the characteristics of the source region.
I was also interested in the transient and extreme events that appear in the solar wind distribution of these parameters, and I studied them through statistical methods.

Results obtained

The research obtained since the beginning of the Ph.D. allow us to publish our results in different scientific peer review journals.
These articles can be read in the next links:

Skills of any kind

Our career is based on continuous learning and constant improvement. This makes it necessary to develop new skills and strengthen old ones, so we need to learn new skills and improve old ones.
Since we use great amount of data in our research, the development of software skills and data analytics is crucial nowadays. I have developed different codes mainly in IDL and Python, but new problems might require new languages that I am willing to learn.
Another fundamental skill is to be updated with the **state-of-the-art **research. Consulting different paper repositories (i.e. NASA-ADS, Google Scholar, Connected papers...) allow keeping track of the advances of the scientific community.
It is also very important to communicate our own results to our colleagues in scientific conferences through presentations or discussion to strengthen our knowledge.

What about the future?

Although my research until this point has been focused on the analysis of the solar wind in the interplanetary medium, I am open to other topics such as the origin of the solar wind, evolution of different structures, instrumentation...
The current research is focus on the analysis of the solar wind in the inner heliosphere thanks to the measurements from the Parker Solar Probe or Solar Orbiter among others. Now we are able to study how the solar wind evolves with the radial distance, until where we can see acceleration, how evolve different structures like the ICMEs...
New questions have arisen, and many others will be answered in the upcoming years thanks to the new heliophysics